make tax compliance easier and simpler

The TaxWhizPH Mobile App is an on-the-go platform created by the Asian Consulting Group. The app can help you make tax compliance easier and simpler.

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Tax Calculator

Whether you're an employee or a freelancer, taxpayers can now calculate their taxes due simply by providing their income.

Tax Calendar

Check all the tax deadlines in our tax calendar so you can prepare your returns in advance!

Tax Alert

Never miss a deadline again as the TaxWhizPH Mobile App will now notify you of upcoming tax compliance requirements!

Ask The Tax Whiz

You can contact the Philippine Tax Whiz and a team of tax experts with just a few taps in case you have questions about taxes.

Features In Development

Electronic Filing & Payment

File your returns and pay your taxes anytime and anywhere with the TaxWhizPH Mobile App's electronic filing and payment system!

Automatic Generation of Reports

Tired of repeatedly entering your tax information? No worries, the App's automatic generation will instantly input all the necessary data!

Receipt Scanning

Manually entering the figures in your receipts is tedious. But no worries! Just take a picture of your Official Receipts, and the app will take care of inputting the pertinent info (such as TIN, name, address, withholding tax, VAT, and many more!)

Download the App and start enjoying your tax-free lifestyle